•  Fair Value & Pricing Assistance

•  Valuation of Hedging Program with Periodic Reporting

   & Reconciliation
•  Expert Hedging Program Design & Support
•  Full Active Hedging Program Management & Monitoring
​•  Act as Qualified Designated Evaluation Agent




Profit margins of companies in the oil and gas industry are 

subject to a high degree of risk from underlying volatility of commodity prices. Mitigating that risk is essential to keeping capital expenditure programs on track to ensure and insure
the success of our client companies. 
​At ClearHedging we are trusted experts with decades of experience in mitigating just such types of risk.  We work with our clients on many levels to develop a comprehensive and expertly managed hedging program. 
By assisting our clients in the hedging process ​we bring unbiased advice and solutions as we work on a non-broker, non-banking consultancy basis with no conflicts of interest.  

"The ClearHedging team provides the missing sophistication with concise and actionable advice on the commodities market and underlying derivatives.
They provide the service and tools to allow us to construct, monitor and adjust a dynamic hedging program
in order to help protect our capital budgets
​and better predict our cash flows."

                                  -Global Oil and Gas Producer